10 Frequently asked questions about Australian Visa

Where can apply for a visa?
You can always apply for a visa near Australian embassy near you even online or better yet EP migration will assist you of all the things you need to know about visa application.

Where can I get my application visa form?
Visa application form and complete checklist is available for download in the government’s website or you can get it at EP migration. A stuff will always be ready to guide you through everything including proper documentations and visa processing.

How much is the visa fee and other fees?
Fees vary depending on what kind of visa you are applying for. You can pay via credit card or debit card. Simply attach the payment receipt when you submit your documents when applying for visa. No payment receipt will be returned to you and thus making your application invalid.

Can I refund any of the payment I made?
At EP migration, everything will be made clear to you whether you are legible to apply for a visa or not and if yes, all things will be discussed including fees and other charges you need to pay. Both parties will sign a contract which includes a refund.

How long will my visa be processed?
Depends on how many applications the embassy receives daily but rest assured that EP migration will continue to do follow ups on your behalf. Just give some allotted time for everything to be processed before you travel.

What are the requirements and documents needed for applying a visa?
Requirements and documents vary depending on the visa you are applying for. For complete documentation and assistance kindly refer to EP migration.
Do I need to submit my original passport copy when I apply for a visa?
Always attach original and photo copy of your documents for verification purposes although EP migration will guide you with all the documents necessary.

Do I need to submit medical certificate?
Some visa application needs medical certificate including work visa to be sure you are fit to work. So you can let yourself checked with the hospitals affiliated to Australian embassy.

How will I know if my visa is approved?
Your case officer will inform you if your visa is granted via email or mail. If not, a decision record is provided. You can always appeal for another chance if you failed to meet any of the requirements though at EP migration will give you the list of proper documents needed.

Can I re-apply if my visa is not approved?
Depends on what the decision record says but most of the time if you are not ban from applying again you can re-apply for another Australian visa but there’s no fix time when you can apply again. EP migration will help you if you intend to re-apply again.


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