Partner visas

Building your future with your life partner in Australia is definitely something you would want to do. After all, the country offers one of the highest standards of living around the world and starting a family there is one of the best decisions you can ever make. This is why the Australian Partner visa exists: to have an Australian citizen and his/her foreign spouse enjoy their lives in the land down under.

The Australian Partner visa entitles partners of Australian citizens and permanent residents, both married and de facto, to enter or remain in Australia. Note that this visa also applies to same sex and unmarried couples. Applicants can apply for this visa whether they are inside or outside the country. If you are aiming to get one, you are required to meet specific requirements to have it approved. This is also a temporary two-year visa – after the said timeframe expires, the relationship is assessed and if seen as genuine, a permanent visa will be granted.

To apply for this visa, certain requirements must be met. The applicant should be a married or de facto partner of an Australian citizen or a permanent resident. They should also be at least 18 years of age.

You can apply for two types of visas depending on the relationship which are:

If you are applying for a visa as a married partner, then your marriage to the Australian citizen should be deemed valid under Australian law.

De facto
Applying for a visa as a de facto partner is tricky since it has a number of requirements you will need to fulfill. In order to successfully apply for one, the applicant should show proof that he or she has lived with their Australian partner for at least 12 months before the filing of the application. You can apply for this visa regardless if you’re inside or outside the country.

If you’re keen on applying, we at EP Migration can help you particularly in the processing phase. Our assistance will help quicken your application and at the same time, ensure that it will be approved.


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