Regional Sponsored visas

Australia is extensively seeking foreign workers in order to meet its workforce shortages. Apparently, this is one of the downsides of having a booming economy – a surplus of jobs and a workforce unable to meet it. This is why the country is tapping into a foreign workforce: it needs more workers, and you could be part of the group which can address the shortages.

The Regional Sponsored visa is a type of work visa who have the skills, abilities, and expertise to meet the country’s skill shortages. This is also meant for those who were unable to meet a pass mark for the Skilled Independent visa. Applicants are required to score at least 60 points on a points assessment and obtain a nomination from a State or Territory government. They may also gain sponsorship from a relative living in a Specified Regional Area of Australia.

Furthermore, it’s a must that the applicant is below 50 years old and his expertise be part of the Skilled Occupation List, a document which outlines Australia’s skill shortages. If one state is in dire need of nurses, then you can definitely apply and obtain a nomination from the state government.

Those applying for a Skilled Regional Sponsored visa are given two years to live and work for 12 months in a Specified Regional Area. It is a provisional and temporary visa. However, it opens up the chances of applying for permanent residency and is valid for up to four years.

We in EP Migration can help you process and prepare your visa, increasing your chances of getting approved. Processing a visa can be stressful and requires a lot of paperwork. Work with us and we can ensure that you won’t forget any essential documents which may hamper your visa’s chances. Our consultancy services are also open if you need help in applying for other visas when you’re in the country.


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