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Immigrating to Australia can pave the way to a better future. It’s a great country with countless opportunities and a thriving community. Many have found better lives in the land down under and it’s likely that you will. However, leaving your home country and moving to Australia poses quite a few challenges. You need ample support the moment you step foot in Australia in order to smoothly integrate seamlessly with the community.

We at EP Migration not only provide you with consultancy and visa processing services, but also with general support services. These are all designed to help make the process of immigrating to Australia stress-free and easy. The scope of our services under these category include:

  • Work Placement Assistance. If you’re an individual with a student visa in Australia and are currently studying, we can help you find part-time work. This is to help you generate extra income. Our focus in this is to ensure that you will be within the conditions set by your visa.
  • Airport Pickup. We offer an airport pickup service. If it’s your first time in Australia, you would be unfamiliar with your surroundings and navigating alone isn’t a smart idea. This service is designed to pick you up the moment you arrive from the airport and bring you to your university or respective accommodations services location.
  • Accommodations services. Speaking of accommodations, we can help you find possible cheap and high quality accommodation areas. We offer a wide range of options, from university residential halls, townhouses, cottages, and apartment units. Furthermore, we can arrange a homestay and guardianship for students under the age of 18.
  • Pre-departure briefing. This service has the purpose of helping you learn Australia’s culture, lifestyle, and general observances you need to be mindful of. Remember, the country is unique in its own way. This is important in letting you integrate smoothly with the natives!

We assure you that our services are top-notch as we have been consistently been making our clients happy in the past 20 years.

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