Student visas

If you’re a college student seeking to attain a degree in Australia, then working with us is your best bet. Processing student visas is EP Migration Australia’s bread and butter, and we are extremely confident in our skills in placing students in top universities around the country. We are a leading international student recruitment agency in Australia, and we have been doing this for over 20 years. Currently, we are reaching out to students from India, the Philippines, Bangladesh, and Nepal who wish to study in Australia.

As of today, we have managed to help enroll over 8000 students in the country, with an annual rate of 300. Thanks to these numbers, you can be assured that you will receive the best service in the industry and the chances of getting your visa approved will be sky high. Note that we are also partners with several academic institutions and universities in the country further increasing your chances of entering the country to study.

Apart from helping you gain entry and study in Australia, we can also help with your concerns, especially if you need to change your visa status. Our services include helping you extend your student visa and assist you in the processes involved in changing courses and universities. Additionally, if you want to switch to a vocational course from a bachelor’s degree, calling us is your best option.

Nobody can stress the importance of education enough. Getting a degree or passing a vocational course is vital in attaining a bright future and boosting your personal growth. Getting international exposure by studying in Australia further enhances your growth and increases your chances of getting a huge boost in your professional career.

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