Your education is arguably the most important intangible thing you can ever possess. We at EP Migration Australia can help you process your visa, advise you on certain matters, and land you a place in Australia’s top universities.

With 20 years of experience under our belts, you can be assured that we have been providing quality and consistent service to international students. After all, providing our expertise to students is the bread and butter of our work, and our brand is known for giving out desirable results and professionalism in the way we achieve them.

The scope of our student services include:

Students who are planning to migrate to Australia. Let’s say you’re a student who wants to study in Australia. By working with us, your concerns regarding the costs of the degree you’re taking along with the other fees will be addressed. You will be oriented about the availability of the post-study work visa and residency after you’ve completed the course.

Students who are already in Australia. We understand that while you’re taking a degree, you might have a change of heart. In such cases, we’re here to help you out in:

  • If you want to change courses.
  • Find cheaper options for similar degrees
  • Leave the university you’re in to enter a vocational school.

Additionally, we can help if you need to extend your student visa, bring a dependent overseas, and get sponsored by employers.

As a testament to our excellent service, we annually place 300 international students in universities and other private educational institutions in Australia. Note that we are also partnered with some of the leading universities in the country.

Working with us will certainly help you reach your education goals and put your foot on the doorway to your ambitions. Our knowledge, exemplary track record, and experience in landing students in universities will definitely give you an edge and help you be on your way to reaching your dreams.


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