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Have you been dreaming of passing that Australian current like finding Nemo did in that deep blue ocean with your own travel style or need to do some important matter that’s connected to soul searching, vacation, holidays and have to go and leave your comfort zone just to reach Australia. Well, the answer to reach your destination is right here in front of you. A so-called visit visa to explore Australia’s hidden beauty.

Tourist visa– whether you are visiting alone after just a month of heart break and wanted to mend your broken soul and spirit or you just simply want to have a nice holiday, relax and give yourself a break from the stressful life around the city, anyone who wishes to explore Australia alone in a short span of time or with their family or friends can apply for a tourist visa. Just simply download and fill up the form subclass 600 or visa form 1419 and the checklist plus pay the visa charge worth 130$ AUD. Please take note that the price changes from time to time so always prepare for extra charges. Additional documents are required for people who is travelling from countries who needs to apply for a tourist visa.

Be ready to present original and photocopy of documents such as;
Visa application form
Financial documents
Sample itinerary of your Australian trip including hotel reservations
Round trip airfare tickets

Parents Visit Visa
Anyone who wishes to be with their parents and wants to show the wonders and beauty of their Australian homes for a short period of time during holidays, weddings and other special family event can apply for a parent visitor visa. Subclass 103 are intended for parents who has children leaving and working in Australia provided they are Australian citizen, with stable job and can provide for their parents vacation. Subclass 103 enables a parent to stay not less than 12 months with 5 year validity from the date of application. Should you wish to extend your parents stay you can always refer to Australian government website for additional requirements and checklist.

Spouse or Partner Visa
The Australian government issues a subclass 820 visa for anyone intending to visit their spouse or partners for a short period of time. Again, provided that they are Australian citizen and a permanent resident of Australia with a stable income to be legible in applying for their spouse/partner visa and if the visa is granted the person can stay up to 3 months and enjoy their Australian vacation.

Always refer to Australian government website for a complete checklist of the requirements.


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