Visitor visas

Australia is home to one of the world’s most unique geographical features, animals, and plants. This in turn makes it one of the premiere tourist destinations and it is no surprise that it receives millions of tourists a year. Whether it’s a tour of the Outback, the Great Barrier Reef, or a selfie with the Sydney Opera House, visiting Australia is a definite must.

Before you grab a plane ticket to Australia though, you need to apply for a visitor or travel visa. There may be a few reasons why you would want to, one is to travel and see what the country has to offer. Other reasons include seeing your friends and family and go on a business trip. Depending on your purpose and where you’re from, there are different visa types you can apply for, these include:

  • Short Travel Visas – these visas are best for staying at short periods in Australia. Holders are given three months to stay in the country and are given the opportunity to extend their stay. This is a visa mainly for citizens of non-ETA eligible countries.
  • E Visitor Visas – the E Visitor visa is a multiple entry visa designed for people who usually enter Australia for multiple business trips and conferences. The E Visitor visa application can be lodged online, although you should be outside the country when applying. Overall, the duration lasts for 12 months and for each entry, you are only allowed to stay for three months.
  • ETA Business Visitor Visa – this visa is tailor made for business people who want to make business visits to the country. It is a temporary visa and made for people who want to attend conferences and seek investments.
  • ETA Tourist Visa – this visa is mainly for tourists and holders are only allowed to stay for three months.

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